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73% of developers need flexible work time.

How are you feeling these days? If the uncertainty due to pandemic, elections, and everything in between is creeping up on you, know that you're not alone. The results of our survey suggest that 73% of developers have additional needs due to COVID-19. 34%, or 7.2 million developers, expressed their need for flexible working hours/workload. 14% expressed the need for mental health support.

How about you?

It's important to remember to put your wellbeing first. After all, it's what determines your productivity and motivation. In our latest newsletter we gathered here a few resources to help you find the right balance.

Dev Resources & Articles

5 minute breathing exercise for anxiety, relaxation, and stress relief. Utilizes mindfulness breathing exercises to help you cope with anxiousness and stresses of everyday life. [YOUTUBE]

Top 11 benefits of self-awareness according to science. So many humans are walking around this planet unaware of the impact they have on the people around them. [POSITIVEPSYCHOLOGY]

Remote jobs. A list of semi to fully remote-friendly companies in tech. [GITHUB.REMOTEINTECH]

5 best wrist exercises for computer users Taking short breaks throughout the day to do hand exercises can be extremely beneficial for you physically and mentally. [CUSTOMFITONLINE]

Sleep calculator. Figure out when to go to sleep, to wake up feeling energised and refreshed [SLEEPCALCULATOR] Flexible vs agile working. Although they have similar meanings, it's important to differentiate between flexible and agile workplaces. [ITPRO]

How do you switch to a four-day week? The idea of the four-day work week was gathering steam even before the crisis—espoused in political manifestos and championed by an increasing number of companies, who say it doesn't just improve work-life balance: it results in better work, as well as a better life. [THEECONOMIST]

Diagram Maker. A library to display an interactive editor for any graph-like data. [AWSLABS]

The most useful accessibility testing tools and techniques. Here is a list of tools Artem Sapegin regularly uses to make sure everything he does is accessible for folks with different abilities. [SAPEGIN]

Our Free Resources

NEW: Results from our June-July 2020 survey.Our latest State of the Developer Nation report 19th edition is out, with results from the survey which reached 17,000 developers in 159 countries. Find out what developers say their technical and non-technical needs are due to COVID19, the latest in programming language communities, why some adopt or reject cloud technologies, who is into DevOps, what's the value of open source, and are we any closer to finally getting flying cars.

NEW: How close are you to an average developer? Our graphs give you insights into global trends based on the fresh data from our Q2 2020 survey.

Industry News

Git 2.29 released with experimental support for using more secure SHA-256. For the past number of releases there has been work underway to eventually migrate from SHA1 to SHA256 hashes. The intent is to increase the security of Git repositories and finally with Git 2.29 it's now in good enough shape to serve in an experimental capacity. [PHORONIX]

WFH has kept us productive. But it may have made us less creative, too. Employees are saving on overpriced city-center lunch breaks, and employers are cutting costs on office supplies. So far so good, but according to a new Microsoft study, telecommuting might be hindering workers' creativity, getting in the way of innovative new ideas that businesses desperately need to succeed. [ZDNET]

Introducing .Net Live tv – daily developer live streams. Your one stop shop for all .NET and Visual Studio live streams across Twitch and YouTube. [DEVBLOGS.MICROSOFT]

Three npm packages found opening shells on Linux, Windows systems. The three JavaScript libraries opened shells on the computers of developers who imported the packages into their projects. All three packages were uploaded on the npm portal in May (first) and September 2018 (last two). Each package had hundreds of downloads since being uploaded on the npm portal. More details of the package names can be seen in the link above. [ZDNET]

Firefox 82 for developers. Firefox 82 was released on October 20, 2020. Included in the release, in developer tools, you can now inspect server-sent events using the Network Monitor, the Media Session API is now enabled by default, and there's a number of CSS updates too. [DEVELOPER.MOZILLA]

React v17.0.0 is now available. The React 17 release is unusual because it doesn't add any new developer-facing features. Instead, this release is primarily focused on making it easier to upgrade React itself. It's a "stepping stone" release that makes it safer to embed a tree managed by one version of React inside a tree managed by a different version of React. [GITHUB]

Cloudflare wants to run your web browser in the cloud. Cloudflare Browser Isolation sends the final output of a browser's web page rendering. As a result, the only thing every sent to a user's device is a package of draw commands to render the webpage and this also means that the company's new service will be compatible with any HTML5 compliant browser including Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox. [TECHRADAR]

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