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re: Hello Dear! How to upload image from camera to the server using php with retrofit? Thanks!

You can read this article and this.


Hello Dear friend!
Thankyou for your help!
I want implement the architures components, i have already do the part of the local Backend(ROOM).I across a problem with the remote backend(retrofit)!
Please help me!

What's the problem?

this is the result from the Logcat:Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void android.arch.lifecycle.LiveData.observe(android.arch.lifecycle.LifecycleOwner, android.arch.lifecycle.Observer)' on a null object reference!

To help you I need more information. Can you paste your code to gist.github.com/
and tell me in which line of code you got this exception.

Seems like your user variable returned by getUser() method is null. Did you initialize it?

Yes i have initialise !
code in the Viewmodel Class:
public LiveData getUser(String username, String mdp)

return userrepository.getUser(username,mdp);

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