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RASA boilerplate chatbot templates

We have started publishing RASA boilerplate chatbot templates for multiple use cases.

It contains the minimal conversation skeleton, that will help you get started with each use case. Go to to browse and download the template zip file.


How to use it?

Here are the simple steps that you can follow to use a template:

  • Install RASA
  • Create a project_directory for your project
  • Initialize RASA within your project_directory by running command rasa init
  • Replace the files in the project_directory with the ones from downloaded template
  • Train the bot with command rasa train
  • Evaluate the bot in the terminal with command rasa test
  • Start talking to the bot in the terminal with command rasa shell

Don’t forget to flesh up the NLU and Stories files for real use cases running the command Rasa interactive or Rasa X. Keep revisiting, to find new templates added to the list.

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sanjaykhanssk profile image

hi,can you tell me how to build chatbot like verloop or other saas chatbots,
where the client can onboard and keep their own dialog to ask their customer.