2 Minute Projects

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For some upcoming videos I'm putting out, I'm going to create a new playlist on youtube called "2 minutes in code" or something like that. Anyways, I have some fun ideas about what could be built in 2 minutes, but I'm looking for suggestions. I'm thinking of using as much scripting around the boilerplate of each 2 minute video, and build from there. An example would be building a web api in .net, just like the most basic parts.

Another one I have planned out loosely is writing as many hello world programs in as many different languages as I can in 2 minutes. Any ideas on languages. I'm hitting the top 10 from stackoverflow, but I'm curious if there are others anyone would recommend. Im adding elixir to get another take a functional.

Any thoughts would be awesome! Thanks!!


Editor guide

Form input value validation using regex.

Number to local currency helper.

How many ways can you import an export.

Snippet libraries.

Benchmark tests on list processing.

How to do a binary search with a sorted list.

Big 0 examples, space, time complexity.


Great ideas! I'll add them to my list. I would love to do some Big O Stuff!


You can Google it to find out more about space and time complexity when processing data.

Totally! I know all about Big O...sadly, there are tons of developers out there that don't. That is exactly why it makes sense as an episode. Thanks again for the ideas! I'll be sure to give credit!