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Important Bionic Eye Tech Becoming Obsolete, Tech Recruitment Challenges, & more on DevNews πŸ—ž

β€œIt’s not enough to have social impact with your technology β€” you also have this huge responsibility to maintain your technology for the long-term.”

More on that in this week of the DevNews pod

As a refresher, DevNews is the news show for developers by developers. Each season, our hosts cover the latest in the world of tech, and speak with diverse guests from a variety of backgrounds to dig deep into meaty topics such as security, the pros and cons of outsourcing your authentication, and the latest bugs and hacks.



  • Pariss 'Athena' Chandler is the Founder & CEO of Black Tech Pipeline, and creator of the hashtag, movement, and community #BlackTechTwitter.
  • Dr. Calvin Roberts is President and Chief Executive Officer of Lighthouse Guild, the leading organization dedicated to providing exceptional services that inspire people who are visually impaired to attain their goals. He was formerly Senior VP and Chief Medical Officer of Eye Care at Bausch Health Companies.

In this episode, we talk about another major hack on Ukraine, a report from Google’s Project Zero about which tech vendors are the fastest at fixing security bugs, and we also chat about injecting old computers with Chrome OS Flex. Then we speak with Pariss Athena, founder and CEO of Black Tech Pipeline about the challenges that tech recruiters are having in the current job landscape. And finally, we speak with Dr. Calvin Roberts, president and CEO of Lighthouse Guild International and clinical professor of ophthalmology at Weill (While) Cornell Medical College, a charitable organization devoted to the visually impaired, about the issue of certain bionic eye technologies becoming obsolete and unsupported.

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We hope you enjoy our show this week! πŸ“°

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Andy Piper

We had a good chat about the bionic eye issue on our podcast Games at Work dot Biz this week, as well. Interesting thoughts - should it all be Open Source, should the code be in escrow, etc.