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Top 7 Featured DEV Posts from the Past Week

Every Tuesday we round up the previous week's top posts based on traffic, engagement, and a hint of editorial curation. The typical week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, but don't worry, we take into account posts that are published later in the week.

Automating YouTube with Python

Taking from his League of Legends highlights, @joaomaranhao made a Python script that would upload his wins to YouTube automatically!

Coding for Amazon

@bytebodger provides some insight as to what it’s like working for Amazon as a front-end developer!

Education Through Honesty

In this post, @dmarinere opens up about some mistakes they made in an effort to help you avoid the same ones. We're ALL going to make mistakes at one point or another, but it's wise to try and learn from the missteps others have made. Thanks for your honesty, Emmanuel!

How to Learn Consistently

Having a routine of always learning each day can be difficult to upkeep, but necessary for developers to stay up to date. Here are some general principles from @abh1navv that will help us invest our time efficiently.

Why Use Linux?

@techmaniacc shares some of the latest reasons why developers have largely shifted their preference from Windows to Linux.

When to ORM

In this post, @harshhhdev familiarizes you with the different advantages and disadvantages that ORMs provide to help you decide when it would be appropriate to include them in your tech stack.

Get Paid to Write Technical Articles

@juliafmorgado put together a list of websites that pay technical writers a good amount of money.

That's it for our weekly Top 7 for this Tuesday! Keep an eye on this week for daily content and discussions… and be sure to keep an eye on this series in the future. You might just be in it!

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)
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Harsh Singh

Thank you for mentioning me. It's a pleasure!

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Emmanuel Osuolale

Thank you so much, this is a much needed motivation.

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Joseph Mania

Thanks, this sounds like a motivation to me

joaomaranhao profile image
João Maranhão

Thank you!
Just one little mistake, the uploaded videos are not "my wins" but it's awesome that my post and project made to Top 7 articles for this week!

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev

This is awesome! Well done everyone!

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Srishti Prasad

congratulation guys!! great work👏

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev

This is awesome! Well done everyone!

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Dariusz Cichorski

Great content. Congrats, guys! 🔥

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Andrew Baisden

Congrats winners!

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That's really the best features. I love to read this blog. thanks for sharing this blog.