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What was your win this week?

Hey there!

Looking back on your week — what was something you're proud of?

All wins count — big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Going on a beautiful walk ... or whatever else might spark joy ❤️

Happy Weekend!

Excited astronaut

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__manucodes profile image


Well nothing too much really...
But I made my website work offline :D

lol experimenting with PWAs and serviceWorker

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Gabriel Laroche

after two years I finally posted a new post on here! :D

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Oliver • Edited

I have the motivation of a large rock so most things are a win for me.

A few weeks ago, I created a small website ( that lists domain-hack type URLs ending with .sh. It scrapes WHOIS several times a day and the page is re-built automatically from the scraper output. All done with Github actions – which I'd never used before.

I was a little disheartened by the site's lack of traffic though and so I started reading about SEO. I'm familiar with many of the practises but SEO always seemed a bit skeevy to me. However, with few visitors, I finally accepted that if I wanted to make a successful website, I needed to learn SEO and marketing in general.

So, this week, I set up a blog – ostensibly as a sandbox for experimenting with SEO. I haven't learned so much about SEO yet – and I'm still to write a decent post – but I did enjoy honing my design skills and learning about CSS grid and flexbox. It also gave me the chance to become more familiar with Jekyll and I wrote some Liquid template plugins to handle things like fetching post thumbnails. It's not perfect but I found enjoyment working on it. (And it's been a while since I've found proper enjoyment doing computer stuff.)

The blog is

rgedwill profile image
rgedwill • Edited

I was in the same boat up until like 6 months ago! I was working as a consultant on a project but for the most part was doing basically nothing. I started working on a few things and 2 months ago committed to building a social media platform, have been working on it ever since.

Really feels like I'm starting to enjoy playing with computers/websites again! Good luck to you on keeping the momentum going, its easy to do when you remember coding is actually really fun!

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Jérémie Astor

I started implementing an algebraic effect system in my language, and that project also earned its 250th github star today 😄

GitHub logo Gwion / Gwion

🎵 strongly-timed musical programming language


Language grade: C/C++ CII Best Practices Coverage Line Count

All Contributors

Linux MacOs Windows

Gwion is a programming language, aimed at making music

strongly inspired by ChucK, but adding a bunch high-level features templating, first-class functions and more.

It aims to be simple, small, fast, extendable and embeddable.

Checkout the community, and join us on discord: You can also check this very nice server about programming language devlopment:, since a lot of improvements to gwion are discussed there.


Download the source

git clone
cd Gwion
git submodule update --init --recursive util ast
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Configuring (optional)

You can get a list of config files to tweak with

find . -name ""
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Please rebuild to take your change into account.

make -C util clean
make -C ast  clean
make clean

Besides developer options, you migth want to check USE_DOUBLE, in util/, which set the floating point size (float or double) Note that…

codeandclay profile image

This looks insanely good. I fear I might have discovered a new time-sink.

fennecdjay profile image
Jérémie Astor

Thanks you :) very much.
If you have some interest in this project, know you can join me and the collaborators at

thedevdavid profile image

I became the COO of a company where I joined as a mobile developer 3 years ago.

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Abdul Basit

Wrote an article that helped community

wilkuintheair profile image
Piotr Wilk

Wrote my first posts ever in #5days5blogposts challenge! Yay!

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Deepak Vijay Agrawal • Edited

Recently I created a 2D platformer game on Unity with C#, completed 100 Players Milestone on

Level 1

Play : Olaf's Adventure

Feel free to add your suggestions and feedback for the Game in comments. ❤ 👩‍💻

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Bobby Iliev

I received the 16 week streak badge on DEV 🥳

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Doaa Mahely


ozlemgulp profile image

Start learning Github actions

dmahely profile image
Doaa Mahely

Consistently worked on a side project 🎉

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Shaquil Maria

I finally decided to post a blog explaining something that I just learned a while ago! 🍻 Here to future posts!

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Gabriel Laroche

Thank you!

prakh_r profile image
Prakhar Yadav • Edited
  1. I did not discontinue my learning streak on freeCodeCamp
  2. learned Flexbox
  3. learned to cook a new dish
  4. took time to read novel (a little escape to wonderland is necessary)
  5. took time to enjoy my hobby (photography; a sample pic)
husbycodereis profile image
Ali Riza Reisoglu

Joined and published first posts 💙