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Troubleshooting AppGallery Connect APM for iOS

Today lets take a look at a few issues you might encounter when integrating the Huawei AppGallery Connect APM SDK into your iOS app.

Issue 1: How can I enable APM debug logs for an iOS app?

Add apms_debug_log_enabled to the Info.plist file of your app and set Type and Value to Boolean and YES, respectively.

Then, you can filter the debug logs (marked as [APM]), as shown in the following figure.

image showing plist edit gui

Issue 2: Why is APM data not displayed in AppGallery Connect?

The APM SDK has been integrated, but I cannot find the APM data in AppGallery Connect.

Official documentation states that the APM SDK requires certain dependencies, especially those of the Analytics SDK version which needs to be version or later.

You are advised to specify the version of the Analytics SDK.
For example, if the latest version of the Analytics SDK is, you can add pod 'HiAnalytics', '~>' to the Podfile.

Issue 3: How do I find out if the APM logs are successfully uploaded?

When filtering the logs, I can only find the collected and sent logs without those related to sending results.

You can query the hianalytics logs to check whether the following logs exist, especially the result code 200.

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