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How to become an app developer?

Nowadays every business coming to online so we need to learn to code that the best way to keep your shelf updated to this new generation.

Now the programmer has good carrier opportunities, Good salaries, and a high job satisfaction rate otherwise if you try to start tech businesses or any Tech startup it will be easy for you.

here I am going to show a roadmap for a beginner that how they can learn to code and make their ideas into a product or services.

Start from HTML css

Html and CSS are not the programming language, but using this thing gives you can make a real interface or UI that users can able to Interact with. In our colleges, we thought to a programming language like c, c++ there a blue/black screen appears we write the program and by running these programs we get the result on the same screen but there are no real use cases of this kind of interfaces. when you going to make some applications for human use we must make an interface through which they interact with for that Html & CSS are useful to make interfaces in web application.

How you can learn HTML and CSS

You can learn the basic HTML, CSS in a couple of hours you can learn these things following documentation that will help you to understand the basics of the things within a couple of hours.

  • HTML is just the skeleton where you add CSS to design it as you want.

HTML and CSS build you the interface and design, some application needs some data from the user and they manipulate the data return data as their requirement when the dealing with data comes then javascript comes in the background to perform some operation with data like getting the data from HTML component and storing the data to the database, if there is any file it will upload the data to the storage, retrieve the data from the database and many other things.

How you can learn javascript?

what kind of developer you maybe you need javascript one day.for the majority of the services you need to build a complete application.

Now I tell some history of javascript. javascript is now not the same as before it has become so much power now the javascript which is widely in use is called modern javascript.
after you learn some basics of the javascript, and some object-oriented programming concept now you jump into the frame web frameworks like Rect, Angular, Vue which are on the trend.

Front end framework React, Angular, Vue

There are 3 major front end frameworks to speed up your development In recent statistics react is on top of the frontend frameworks which has a large number of job opportunities and has greater flexibility to integrate anything into it lots of libraries support you find for its UI development. No matter if you want to learn any framework and after a few months you want to switch to another framework it will be easy for you to learn another.

Backed Node.js

You need a backend server to make a Rest API through which you will verify data from the client-side and check the data is authenticated the user or in the required form then save the data to the database other functionality can be done through the backend.

this is a server running in the backend.


A database is the collection of data. where the data are stored and retrieved as per our requirement. there are many database relational database like Mysql, oracle, post gray,
NoSQL database like Mongo DB.

Firebase A backend solution for beginner

A backend process needs a Server to run where we run the backend services in cloud service providers like google cloud platform, Aws server. But Firebase handles servers on their own end you no need to managing the services on your own.

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