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.NET as a framework is the most robust, secure and flexible environment to this day. .NET development India offers a wide range of services that cater to the various requirements of clientele, wherever they may be located in the world.

Some services they offer are:

  • Product development, maintenance and support
  • Bespoke web and desktop web app development
  • Customization of .NET based third party solutions or products
  • Development of data management solution with reporting and analysis
  • Windows phone app development
  • Legacy app re-engineering with .NET
  • Integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, customization and configuration
  • Third party tool of system integration and customization

Big data and big data analytics tools is used since the 90’s. It’s a term for sets of data that are so huge or complex that a traditional data processing app software is not adequate to deal with. The system deals with capturing data, search analysis and other things. The term refers to data analysis and updating the privacy of information. It is a fact that there are organizations that need to store hundreds of thousands of data in gigabytes that could be in the form of huge data. Also, huge data could also be presented as tensors that are more efficient handling by tensors computing. Data analysis help to find a way that’s important for a company or business organization for cost reduction and perform several faster decision making. It boosts business value and gathers data from various sources, which include business transactions.

India stays on top when it comes to software development outsourcing. Furthermore, the country also has the best service providers in the world. Any organization seeking development services can easily find best companies for .NET developers in India. Indian service providers are aware of the benefits of using data analytics and are making use of them. The following are some of the advantages that the system brings.

  1. Time management. The high-speed tools of huge data truly help in analytics of in-memory. Moreover, it could easily determine new source and lessen the time in business management.

  2. Reduce cost. Some tools that really help in cutting business costs such as Cloud-Based analytics and Hadoop are greatly available. These could bring down the costs when a huge amount of data stores in form of business. The tools are more efficient in determining the business and lower the cost as per business requirements.

  3. Market condition. When analyzing data and awareness of the present market condition could truly help find the customer response regarding products. Understanding the demands of the market helps to boost profit and sets up new goals for an organization.

There are technologies in the data analytics space. NET is one of the technologies. Developers of the framework are database developers. Microsoft opened the data analytics software world to the ecosystem of .NET with Hadoop. Hadoop is an upcoming huge data technology, which includes various tech skills like analytics, NoSQL and others. The wonderful thing about it is that it’s affordable because it uses ordinary, low-cost hardware.


  1. Scalable. It’s a highly scalable storage platform because it could store and distribute very large sets of data across several inexpensive servers that operate in parallel. Moreover, it enables businesses to run applications on thousands of nodes, which involve thousands of data terabytes.

  2. Cost-effective. Hadoop provides a storage solution that’s affordable. It’s designed as a scale-out architecture that can store all data of a company for later use. The savings on cost is impressive. It offers computing capabilities and storage for hundreds of pounds per terabyte.

  3. Flexible. It enables businesses to access new sources of data easily and tap into different types of data, structured and unstructured to acquire value. Meaning that businesses could use Hadoop to derive valuable insights from data sources, such as social media, email conversations or clickstream data. Also, it can be used for a range of purposes, such as data warehousing, log processing, fraud detection, recommendation systems and market campaign analysis.

  4. Failure resiliency. A key advantage of Hadoop is its fault tolerance. When data’s sent to a single node, data is replicated to other nodes, which means that in the event of failure, there is a copy available.

  5. Fast. The unique storage is based on a distributed file system that basically ‘maps’ data wherever it is located in the cluster. Data processing tools are often on the same servers where the data is located, resulting to much faster processing.

An effective .NET development company in India is aware of the various technologies and their impact. Developers in India are in demand to work in integrated development environments and one of the bet to make full use of the Hadoop technology to deliver effective solutions.

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