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Build Amazing Capabilities with Artificial Intelligence on the .NET Framework

For many years, science fiction looked to a future wherein robots are cyborgs are commonplace and robots are intelligent. But it was not until the last decade that consideration of what could actually mean in the future was unnecessary since it was all just science fiction, and not scientific reality. However, now, science has not only caught up but also introduced practicalities, which the original story lines did not seem to include, and in some instances, still do not include.

Artificial intelligence for the .NET framework of Microsoft enables building amazing capabilities into the apps these days. The AI concept has been around for a long time, but it is only recently, when all necessary elements were generally available, that it has become a usable and practical thing. In the next years to come, just about anything that people do would be tracked, analyzed and filtered via some kind of artificial intelligence. Microsoft that created the .NET framework has been creating algorithms as well as developing machine learning protocols in anticipation of this point for years and all the work is about to pay off. With Cognitive Services, Microsoft wants to make the transition to a world that is AI-driven as simple as it can for developers, software services company and enterprise decision makers alike.

A .NET development company India starts to make use of Microsoft’s Cognitive Services. With the services, a developer could do more with easy-to-use APIs, which could be consumed on the web, desktop or mobile devices. Normally, .NET developers think of artificial intelligence implementation as a difficult task that involves writing complex algorithms. By taking advantage of the computation power of the availability of big data and the cloud, Microsoft, as well as other tech companies now have the power of creating AI systems that not only work but work well actually. Cognitive Services aims to make new and enhanced algorithms easily accessible to developers, letting them build better customer experiences.

The Cognitive Services is one of the ways that the giant technological company fulfills its mission of bringing artificial intelligence to each and every organization all over the world. Moreover, cognitive service enable enterprises to quickly add intelligence into their business models, something that would take years of training and expertise just a few years back.

Microsoft indeed has a big bet on artificial intelligence everywhere. It is aimed to amplify human ingenuity as well as bringing AI to all applications and developers. ASP.NET development India could leverage cognitive services to make applications that are more intelligent and more humane. This years, the services take the next natural step, becoming smarter through integrating more machine learning. There are customization options across the stack, which bring data set to train and make services smarter and enable developers to build applications that will amaze users.

Adding AI to mobile apps is a good business sense. Today, it is easier and more cost-effective than ever before. When it comes to mobile applications, the one-size-fits-all approach simply would not work anymore as customers expect more. With the new developer tools, adding artificial intelligence to mobile applications is more cost-effective and easier.

Since the launch of Cognitive Services APIs, during the spring in 2015, there are over 568,000 developers coming from 60 countries all over the world that downloaded, experimented with or used the services to add intelligence to their application and the number is growing every single day. At present, there are 29 APIs and services in the Cognitive Services collection. There is huge popularity of the whole collection from developer of all kinds, from developers in a development team of Indian service providers, from student developers to small business entrepreneurial developers to IT departments at the biggest organizations in the world.

With Cognitive Services, developers could add intelligent feature easily, like sentiment and emotion detection, speech and vision recognition, search and language understanding and knowledge into their apps. The collection would continuously improve, adding new APIs as well as updating existing ones. In most instances, developers could build applications with Cognitive Services by using only a few lines of code. Tutorials and documentation could be found online.

Whether the world is ready or not, it is about to witness another major change in the way that people transact, interact and conduct business. Only time could tell if inescapable, inevitable and pervasive artificial intelligence is a good thing, a bad thing or just a thing that people have to get used to. AI has been introduced into business processes and more and more people are experiencing seamless functionalities with integrating AI into various systems.

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