Top software development companies in India that continue in making waves in the world

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The world these days is a high-paced one and the advancement in technology continues to create new tools and gadgets that make tasks simpler, faster and gathering of information seems like a speed of light. There are hundreds of thousands of organizations, big and small that cater to the different requirements and needs of people from all walks of life all over the world. When it comes to the information technology industry, there is a myriad of service providers that offer products and services to a wide range of clientele.

India continues to be the outsourcing hub in the world, not just because of its amazing pool of skilled, talented and innovative professionals but also because of the full support of its government to the information techn industry. The support is clearly visible on the infrastructure of the latest and most innovative systems as well as IT parks in strategic places in the country. The outsourcing industry of the country remains strong and the number of reliable and efficient outsourcing vendors continues to grow. This article provides some basic important information on the famous top software development companies in India that continue to be the most preferred ones in the world.

Wipro is a worldwide IT, consulting and outsourcing firm that has 156,866 employees serving clients in more than 175 cities across six continents. Moreover, Wipro posted an income of $7.3 billion for the financial year ending March 31 of last year. The company helps its clientele do business better through leveraging its industry-wide experience, deep expertise in technology, extensive portfolio of projects and a vertically aligned business model. In addition, its more than fifty-five dedicated emerging technologies enable the firm to harness the current technology to deliver the business capability of its customers. It is recognized globally for its innovative approach to delivering business value and commitment to sustainability. The firm champions optimized use of capital, natural resources and talent. These days, the organization is a trusted partner of choice for worldwide businesses that are looking to make a difference at the front and standardize the core via technology interventions.

Another leading Indian software firm is Infosys which again is a global leader when it comes to technology, consulting and outsourcing solutions. It enables clients in over fifty countries to outdo the competition and to keep ahead of the innovative curve. With $8.2 billion dollar revenue during the fiscal year 2014 and more than 165,000 employees, Infosys provide companies with strategic insights on what is ahead. It helps businesses transform and strive in a changing world through operational leadership, strategic consulting and co-creating breakthrough solutions which include those in sustainability, mobility, huge data and cloud computing. It has a global presence that continues to grow. The company believes that the responsibility extends beyond business and so has established the Infosys Foundation to give assistance to some more economically and socially depressed sectors in communities around.

Accenture is an Indian firm that provides global management consulting and technology projects with more than 300 thousand people serving customers in more than 120 countries. The organization combines unequalled experience, extensive capacities across all business functions and industries as well as comprehensive research on the most successful companies in the world. Furthermore, it elaborates with the clientele to help them be more high-performance governments and businesses. It gathered $30 billion revenue for the year ending August 31, 2014. Accenture strategy operates at the intersection of technicality and business. As technology is transforming every company nowadays, it requires tech-enabled strategy to avail of the opportunities.

TCS or Tata Consultancy Services has the first-mover advantage in providing information technology consultancy offerings in India. It started with projects for government departments, banks, utilities and examination boards. Nowadays, it takes on even more challenging tasks in the form of depository, trading, payment systems and clearance-and-settlement. In terms of strategic outsourcing, Indian clients trust their entire IT organization to TCS. It has emerged as the leader in the Indian banking and financial field with over 35 percent Of Indian banking systems running on its offerings. At present, it has over 800 active clients from a diverse aspect of banking and financial services, manufacturing, high tech, energy and utilities and government agencies.

IBM or International Business Machine is an American multinational technology and consulting organization. It has a huge presence in India which markets and manufactures computer software and hardware and provides infrastructure hosting as well as consulting projects in areas that range from mainframe computers to nanotech. It was founded in 1911 as the CTR or Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company through merging of Tabulating Machine Company, Computing Scale and International Time Recording Company. It ranks as the four largest in market capitalization and the number 9 most profitable firm around.

Another leader in the software industry in India is TatvaSoft, which provides software development projects like web-based and desktop developing and migration. The firm has developed its business in leading markets such as the United States, Denmark, The Netherlands and Australia with a development center in India. The firm consistently delivers scalable, precise solutions to clients and specifications and deployed in a timely manner with topnotch quality with reasonable rates. The global development model makes TatvaSoft a client-driven organization as it continues to strive to create the best for its clientele and help in automating businesses via IT solutions. It has technical expertise in web app and desktop development in PHP frameworks, .NET, and RIA platforms such as Flex and Silverlight. Moreover, it also develops mobile applications for Android, iPhone and Windows mobiles. Additionally, it also offers infrastructure solutions in BizTalk and SharePoint server.

HCL Technologies Limited is global IT Services Company from India which is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It provides offerings that include freeware consulting, managing remote infrastructure, enterprise transformation, R&D services, engineering and BPO or business process outsourcing. The firm has offices in 31 countries to offer services across industry verticals that include energy and utilities, aerospace and defense, manufacturing, professional services, independent freeware vendors, servers & storage, professional service, financial, automotive, media, entertainment, industrial manufacturing, consumer electronics, government, healthcare, life sciences, medical devices, semiconductors, transportation, travel, logistics and many more. The firm is proud to be part of India's heritage of information tech innovation. These days, it is one of the top five service providers in the country, serving the National Stock Exchange, Deutsche Bank, Kotak, Union Bank and other conglomerates in the financial sector; Indian Oil and National Informatics Centre among others.

Another top Indian development company that continues to make waves these days is Tech Mahindra Limited, which is a multinational provider of IT, business support services and networking tech solutions to the telecommunication field. It is part of the Mahindra Group conglomerate. It offers corporations support services or BPO to the telecommunications headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It was ranked number five in the software offerings and overall number 111 in Fortune India 500 list in the year 2012.

Mindtree, another Indian IT vendor is among the fastest growing technology companies in the world with over 200 clients as well as offices in fourteen countries. It delivers amazing results, helping 150 million passengers to fly safely, enhancing performance and security for one of the world's biggest eCommerce stores. It unifies brand messaging and boosting engagement of one billion consumers far and wide. It delivers IT offerings and accelerates growth for Global 1000 firms through solving complex corporation issues with breakthrough innovations. MindTree specializes in mobility, eCommerce, digital transformation, cloud enablement, BI, data testing and analytics, EAI, infrastructure and ERP solutions.

IGATE is the sixth biggest software company in India. It provides offerings to clients in diverse industries. IGATE was established in 1978, has revenue of over $150 million. It has notable technical expertise in the enterprise apps field, eBusiness, systems management and embedded technology. It is furthermore an ISO 9001:2000 certified organizations which is distinguished as the biggest company in the world with all its development centers assessed at a SEI CMM Level 5 as well as P-CMM Level 3 certification. IGATE has acquired Logan-Orvis International or LOI, which is a leading European based telecommunications consulting vendor via its wholly owned subsidy. ZAiQ Technologies is another acquisition in 2006, which enabled the firm to provide application specific integrated circuit design capacities and intellectual property capabilities to the clientele. Organizations such as The Reference Inc and Cymbal Corporation were acquired in the year 2004 and 2003 respectively. Reference Ink was the first to be acquired by IGATE.

Working with these Indian vendors is not just a cost-saving measure but one that is also a worthwhile and profitable endeavor for businesses big and small. Anyone who cares about crafting good solution should consider the vast pool of talent in the country. It is a proven fact that working with the Indian IT industry is very favorable. The rewards are considerable for web entrepreneurs and corporation owners as well as project managers who are willing to learn about navigating the new trend in sourcing.

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