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Discussion on: I'm a co-founder of (this website), ask me anything!

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How did get started? What's the toughest thing about building and maintaining a product with so many users? Being a co founder do you get any time to relax?

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Jess Lee Ask Me Anything

As our userbase has grown, changes that used to be 'little' are getting noticed because everyone has a shared sense of ownership over the site. This is great but filtering through all the different feedback we get can be challenging because we know we'll never be able to serve ever request or ask.

It's also more obvious when we occasionally break the site so we're really trying to not do that anymore. One of our goals for this quarter is to increase test coverage 😅

I'm not physically working around the clock, but it's definitely difficult to find time to take my mind off of work. I've been trying to exercise more, and I eat dinner with my partner almost every night :)