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Diagramming your AWS VPC & IAM structure

The snowball effect for organizations & startups using AWS is a real thing. You may start experimenting with using one of the cloud platforms (AWS in this article) and soon to find out you have quite the labyrinth of policies, groups, users, access keys and more. This handy tool developed by the security company DUO (now owned by Cisco) will help you untangle the ball of yarn that started with a back & forth between you and the developers.

DUO CloudMapper is a tool that has grown from originally diagramming your AWS Virtual Private Cloud to now including IAM reports and much more.

A few examples of my personal favorite components of the CloudMapper tool are the resource aggregation along with the IAM reporting for identifying policy best-practices and potential problems.

Here are a few screenshots from the tool and it's components:



report findings

report findings summary

report resources

For installation, code repository and more visit the official DUO CloudMapper GitHub page. Cheers!

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