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My third day in ,,Ilm Hub"

I have learned:

New Terminal commands

Logical operators

Main purposes of

-using namespace;
-int main;
-return 0.

Lets start from new terminal command which is alias

'alias' is one of the common terminal operator which is used for giving nickname. If we have to use long code frequenty, we can give nickname to this code with alias.For example: We always use g++ mani.cpp -o programm && ./programm for run our programm. In this situation, we can use alias run='g++ mani.cpp -o programm && ./programm' instead of typing long code and we do this operation just with typing run.

iostream, using namespace, int main and return 0

  • iostreamis input/otput stream;
  • using namespace makes orders disposable which are written frequantly;
  • int main is enterance point of programm;
  • return 0 refers successful finishing;

Logical operators

  • AND - &&
  • OR - ||
  • NOT - !

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