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Finally found some time to release the website I've been working on and boost it's traffic a little bit. It's essentially a database of Tech questions with the possibility to make quizzes on multiple topics and use an API to embed the questions on your websites - QuizAPI

It's so good to see the results of your work.


Just took the HTML quiz, great questions! It was fun too.


Thanks Josh! Really love the hear that people like it!


This is amazing and really fun! I've also been working with the same idea on one project of our company's client and this is very well done.


Thank you for the great feedback! I hope the App gave you some inspirations for your project!


Cool site! I like it )
How did you implement these points and lines that follow the cursor near the header? Wow It is very cool! I want to learn


Great work πŸ”₯. I like this πŸ‘, I'm already thinking of building a small mobile app that throws random questions at users from this πŸ”₯


Oh!! That sounds really cool, If you need any information about the App please let me know, will be happy to provide it.


Congratulations! Good job! πŸ‘


Thanks! If you have checked the app I feel honered


Looks great so far πŸ™ŒπŸ‘


Good to hear! I do have a lot of stuff to improve but everything needs time!


Awesome, mate! Keep up the good work!

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