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The feedback for the game so far is beyond any I have seen in the past for the game, I myself enjoyed the game but did have a couple issues with it.

  1. Settings weren't saving.
  2. The Continue Button still apears when it shouldn't at times.
  3. I found it difficult at time to discern me from the background at times as well as the background from the enimies.

Apart from that I found the game very enjoyable (almost adictive). I found that last issue quite frustrating and ruined the experience a bit for me, NOT ENOUGH TO STOP ME PLAYING, A LOT.

Hope this helped and good luck with you're game!


Thank you so much for the feedback, Theo. Glad you liked it. Means alot.

These are some fine points to ponder, didn't know settings weren't saving. You mean the quality and the volume?
I'll look into it, thanks! :)

Planning to release an update, considering all these suggestions. Have you reached to the boss fight yet? Hope you enjoyed it as well.

Thanks again. :)


If you're looking to get into game developing I strongly recommend Roblox, Its growing expodentialy (a 46% increase in players since last year) and while the numbers of players are growing at a crazy rate it has only 4~ million developers of which few are professionals. It's got the players, it's got the market, all it needs now are the developers.

The good thing about it is its very popular but hasn't got that much competition at the moment so if you're looking to get into it, now's the time.

You would have to learn lua but it's fairly easy language with lots of documentation, the syntax is simlar to that of Python.

(Just so you know I'm not a roblox empoyee or the like,
just saw some talent and wanted to share my "expertise" and knowledge)

If you'd like to disscuss this and are interested hit me up in the Connect Feature!

Okay let me see, I'll try it and get back to you!
Sounds interesting :)

If you need any help just let me know.
Btw the language is lua for studio but its a quick language to grasp especially if you use: .
A great resource.


np, Love seeing new game developers releasing their first game.
I am myself a game developer, (Currently a Project lead for a new game.)
If you need any help now or in the future just let me know!

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