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Creating amazing GitHub profiles README

In the past few days, Github implemented a way to personalize our profile pages: Profile README. And it's amazing since we can now add a full description of ourselves and also mention which projects and studies we are focusing on, for example.

In this article, I'll highlight some creative examples and show you how you can create your own Profile README. 😎


README files typically include information about the project and each repository should have one. What the project does, how users can use the project and how to contribute to the project are some good content from READMEs.

But this new GitHub feature called Profile README can be used to inform people of more information about ourselves. It also supports markdown, which means that we can play a lot with HTML, gif, emoji... Read this GitHub article and Master Markdown.

Feel free to check out my GitHub profile. And below you can see a list of awesome repositories of examples of READMEs:

How to create your own Github Profile README

You can do this through the following steps:

1- Create a new repository with the same name as your GitHub account (in my case thatΒ΄s

GitHub New Repository Page

This repository needs to be public and initialized with a README.

2- Edit file with a customized content about you.

GitHub README editing page

3- Go to you profile page to see the changes.

Diogo Rodrigues Github Profile Page

You can now see a new section at the top of the page that was automatically rendered from the new Profile README file.

How to improve your GitHub Profile READMEs content

Alt Text

You can also learn how to build a self-updating profile ✨.

Learn how to add shields into the content.

Learn how to add GitHub Readme Stats on your readmes!

See how to add Emoticon.

Creative examples of GitHub Profile READMEs
GitHub Profile Screenshot of Thaiane
GitHub Profile Screenshot of Ash Baker
GitHub Profile Screenshot of Jason Lengstorf
GitHub Profile Screenshot of Pouya Saadeghi
GitHub Profile Screenshot of Vedant Khairnar
GitHub Profile Screenshot of Stephen Ajulu
GitHub Profile Screenshot of Abhishek Naidu

I'm very excited about this GitHub release. How about you? Have you already changed your profile page?

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Dan Bamikiya

Hi I've changed my Github profile page. Check it out:

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Puneet Gopinath

If you want to add your recent activity on your profile readme.
You can't keep updating your recent activity on github daily.
Instead consider this github action if you want to show your recent activity in your profile readme!!

GitHub logo Readme-Workflows / recent-activity

Add your recent activity to your profile readme!

Recent Activity

GitHub stars GitHub forks GitHub issues GitHub repo size Lines of code Discord Chat Contributor Covenant

This GitHub Action is a Fork of the original GitHub Activity Readme Action by jamesgeorge007.
Its our goal is to improve the original GitHub Action while also providing new features for the users.

Live Preview

This is an example live preview that is updated every time a commit is pushed using github actions.

Last Updated: Thursday, May 20th, 2021, 3:17:39 PM (GMT)

  1. ❗️ Closed issue #5 in Readme-Workflows/recent-activity
  2. πŸŽ‰ Merged PR #6 in Readme-Workflows/recent-activity
  3. πŸ—£ Commented on #3 in Readme-Workflows/recent-activity
  4. ❗️ Closed issue #4 in Readme-Workflows/recent-activity
  5. πŸ’ͺ Opened PR #6 in Readme-Workflows/recent-activity


The Action currently has the following Settings that you can set through the with option.

Option Description Default Supported Placeholder
GH_USERNAME The User to get latest activity from Repository Owner
COMMIT_MSG The Commit Message to use when updating the README ⚑ Update README with the recent activity
MAX_LINES How many activities to display 5

If you find the github action useful, show some love by giving a ⭐ on the github repo

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Shravan Kumar B

Hi, please do check this project, maybe you can use this to beautify your Profile Readme.

GitHub Dynamic Animated Quote Generator

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Andrianto Cahyono Putro


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Adel Mohamed Tadjerouni

Thanks for the post and the examples, it was very helpful and inspiring