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Let's Know Each Other?

I have been writing on DEV from the last 6 months and the support I have received from the community motivates me to write and share more.

I want to connect with more of you and learn from you.

Here is my story :

After completing my graduation in 2019, I started working on my startup, Frontbench. It was an education platform to help students of tier2/3 colleges get better mentorship and guidance. We felt that there is a gap between what these students are doing and what the industry requires.

It was a unique experience for me to working on to solve such a problem. However, due to lack of Money/Patience and Persistence, I QUIT.

The learning, experience, and interactions I had during those few months are invaluable and it will definitely help in my future ventures.

Currently, I am working as a software engineer at an early age startup in Gurgaon India building an e-commerce platform for automobiles products and services.

My tech stack includes but not limited to Javascript, ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, PHP.

I am aim to share my insights, learning, and tutorials here to my fellow community members.

Before that, it would be my pleasure to know about you and your work!

Let's get started! I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from you all.


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