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Redefining Tech

A glimpse into my past:

I was born and raised in North East India until the age of ten. I grew up in a small vintage city named Calcutta in the State of West Bengal that thrives on knowledge, authentic cuisine, music, and quality companionship. After ten long years, my family and I received permanent residency in the U.S and decided to relocate for better opportunities.

Growing up in a middle class family, my sister and I were given all the necessities in life and were raised to always go after our dreams. Our parents taught us to strive to be the best version of ourselves and pursue passionate careers where we truly make a difference in society and I couldn’t think of a better career path than technology.

Why I enrolled into the Rutgers Software Development Program and the impact it's made on my life:

A major part of my decision to join the program is simply the fact that technology touches everything we do today and the opportunities available are endless. But my larger purpose has always been to be part of a community that simplifies people’s lives day to day and where diversity is celebrated.

Though we may have similarities with other individuals, everyone is unique and can bring authentic perspectives. This program gave me the opportunity to collaborate with people from different personalities and at varying stages of their careers, which fosters diversity and creativity.

Through this program, I was able to meet and collaborate with a unique group of people who partnered with me to create ReDefiNingTech, an aspiring community of developers striving to redefine the tech space. Our goal is to help people realize that you don't necessarily need to have a computer science degree to work in technology, but you need to be creative, have passion, embrace learning, problem solve, and engage with people from diverse backgrounds to be successful. I am thrilled to be part of this passionate community and be recognized as a woman in technology.

The significant influences on my decision:

One of my main influences has been Adda Birnir, a young female entrepreneur, who built sites for New York Times and MTV with her self-taught tech skills. Her work was featured in the BBC, Fast Company, NBC, and Mashable. Although Adda graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and African American Studies, she found her true passion in tech.

Prior to enrolling in this program, I was learning foundational concepts in programming through Skillcrush, which was found by Adda. It is an interactive tech-learning platform with friendly instructors, an active student community, and laser focus on helping people achieve their career goals in technology. It provides opportunities that give women the flexibility to work from home, take care of their kids, and have a successful career in tech. I truly admire Adda for pursuing her passion and creating a supportive platform for people to have flexible careers.

Why other women should consider this immersive program:

The opportunities for women have expanded since the baby boom era and it’s our time to be leaders and make a difference. Technology gives us the power to improve society in incredible ways and every woman has the opportunity to be part of this significant movement, if she would like to. Women are diversity in tech and will learn valuable lessons in this program to be an asset to any company they desire. You will learn to work with people from all backgrounds in this program and will have the opportunity to lead your own projects. So take on to this opportunity with pride and get ready for a life-changing experience!

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