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Frontend Starter-Kit

I've created this Frontend StarterKit, it allows you to have a quickly start in building your website.

It uses Gulp 4 as task runner, Pug as HTML template engine, with SCSS preprocessor and pure vanilla JavaScript (ES6+)

Has by default a Cookiebar compliant with EU rules, fully customizable.

Any feedback is welcome :)

Note: This StarterKit doesn't support Internet Explorer

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Frontend StarterKit - [Gulp 4, Pug, SCSS, ES6+]

Frontend StarterKit - [Gulp 4, Pug, SCSS, ES6+]

This starterkit allows you to have a quickly start in building your website.


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You can check the changelog here


  • Download Node.js from your favorite browser here
  • Restart your PC (just in case)


  • Clone this project
  • Open the Project with your favorite IDE
  • Run the Shell
  • In the Shell run the following commands
    • npm i -g npm gulp gulp-cli (if is your first project using npm and gulp)
    • npm i
    • gulp build to compile files to dist folder


  • A live-reloading server with Browsersync
  • Automated build process that includes, but is not limited to: SCSS compilation (with Autoprefixer included) and image optimization
  • Ability to add 3rd party plugins easily - gulp/_config.js
  • Minified CSS & JS in dist folder
  • SourceMaps for better debugging
  • Core…

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