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What to learn to become a front end developer?

Hello everyone. I have recently started to study the basics of the html and css language, and soon I will start javascript. I was wondering, beyond the "holy trinity", what does a good front end developer know?

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Joshua Johnson

Design patterns...Learn what that means because it is the basis for all object oriented code. It will help you understand frameworks you work with.

Oh...! and command line. Start to do some exercises with command line to see what is going on there.

Oh...! Git. Learn git too.

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John Kennedy

Make sure you master HTML, CSS and JavaScript, don't just learn the basics. The temptation will be to get a bunch of libraries and frameworks on your CV asap, resist this and get good at the core technologies and concepts. Also learn about accessibility from the get go, and things like source control (git) and agile methodologies.

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Colin Morgan

CSS Preprocessors and frameworks are a big one. As well as learning in depth responsive development. Wrote a little about it here: but that might not go as deep as you are looking.

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y

The first articles in my UI engine series cover a lot of information about design and layout. It's coming a bit from the direction of how it's implemented, but UI programmers should know most of the material.

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skingrapher • Edited
  • understand JS >
  • object oriented programming and functional programming with JS
  • use SVG, it helps
  • use git with a service like github or gitlab : it will save your code at least
  • build something, practice
  • develop your ethics