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Update 1.4.0 is out

DisStreamChat 1.4.0 is out and I'm excited to share the longest changelog yet.

Bug Fixes

  • fixed bug with search bar cursor moving to end
  • fixed bug with channel points being caught in subscription search
  • fixed bug with the sign-in page when "hide header on unfocus" is true
  • fixed bug with unread messages persisting across channels
  • fixed performance bug with saving messages in local storage


  • improved chatters tab with better styles and basic user cards
  • improved reversed mode with a scroll to bottom button and better autoscrolling
  • improved autocomplete for emotes and mentions
  • added compact channels setting
  • added pin button to channel items
  • added setting to show a scroll bar when the app is focused
  • added streamer is live notifications
  • added support for message replies
  • added setting for transparent message backgrounds
  • added toast notifications for updates
  • added a setting to turn on and off storing messages in local storage
  • added setting to show automod messages or not
  • added follow button
  • added a "more tab" to the header with extra channel-specific settings and options
  • added support for automod messages (only for channels you moderate for)
  • added the ability to easily switch between channels by right-clicking on the home icon
  • added user card to messages by right-clicking on the username
  • added a setting to change font scaling
  • added emote picker for the chatbox


  • modified platform colors setting to affect the compact mode
  • modified search bar to hide on unfocus only if it is empty
  • modified to allow you to add any streamer's channel
  • modified font change to affect the whole app
  • modified the update button from link to next update to auto-# installer
  • modified channels button to the home icon
  • modified mod and message options into a context menu on messages

Check it out 👇👇👇

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