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Django News #29 - Wagtail Sub Teams, Django Admin 2FA and TOTP, Learning Django in 2020, and more


Announcing Wagtail sub teams

New teams who will complement the existing Wagtail core team, providing valuable expertise and drive for the teams’ respective areas of interest – for example internationalization, user experience, or search.


How to Learn Django (2020)

A guide to learning Django for beginners and intermediate/advanced developers.

Adding two factor authentication to Django admin

If you ever wanted to add Two-factor authentication (2FA) with Time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) support to the Django admin then this article is for you.

Removing Sensitive Data From Git History

If you have ever accidentally committed a password, API key, or secret into your git history, this is how you make it squeaky clean.

What is the core of the Python programming language?

A thoughtful take from Brett Cannon, a member of the Python Steering Council.

Using Transactions to Make Django Tests Run Faster

How to use the nested transaction mechanism of the Django testing framework to avoid reinitialization of your test models.

Conditional coverage

Add conditional coverage to add or ignore tests as needed.

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Two Scoops of Django 3.x: Best Practices for the Django Web Framework

The long-awaited update covers various tips, tricks, patterns, code snippets, and techniques of Django best practices.


Learning Wagtail - Kalob Taulein

Kalob is a developer and educator for Wagtail, the popular Django-based CMS.


Django Test Splitting on CircleCI

Speed up Django tests with Circle CI.

Securing a Containerized Django Application with Let's Encrypt

How to secure a containerized Django app running behind an HTTPS Nginx proxy with Let's Encrypt SSL certificates.

Setup Django on Mac in 2020

Use Pyenv to configure Python and Django on a Mac.

How to pull production data into your local Postgres database

Learn a script to fetch a Postgres database backup from cloud storage and use it to populate your local Postgres database with prod data.

Building a Realtime Social Network using Django Channels

Build a WebSocket server for a realtime social network with the ability for users to subscribe to posts by hashtag.

Making Django App Publicly Accessible With Ngrok

Use ngrok to redirect what you are running on localhost to publicly available ngrok URL



Djecrety is a Django secret key generator and website.


A simpler approach to tagging with Django

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