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Django News - Issue 5


Django 3.0.2 bugfix release

It's always a good idea to be on the latest version of Django. The 3.0.2 bug fix was just released. Make sure to upgrade with the help of this guide:

7.0.0 — Pillow (PIL Fork) 7.0.0 documentation

If you manage images then you probably use Pillow. Pillow 7 is out and drops support for Python 2.7.


Typechecking Django and DRF

Nikita Sobolev guides us through the process of adding typechecking to our Django and DRF applications using a few third-party libraries.

Getting a Django Application to 100% Coverage

Adam Johnson shows us how to install and use coverage to achieve 100% test coverage in our Django Application. A few plugins were new to us, including template coverage.

From Browser to Django

A solid overview of how browsers and Django work together.

I'm not feeling the async pressure by Armin Ronacher

From the creator of Flask, some deep thoughts on async.


Django Chat - Authentication with José Padilla

José has made major contributions to the Django ecosystem, especially around Django REST Framework and authentication. He is now an engineer at Auth0.



Adds static type checking to Django REST Framework.

sloria/environs: simplified environment variable parsing

If you are looking for a good library to use to which supports The Twelve-Factor App methodology, then give environs a try. It works similar to envparse and django-environ, but adds a few nice features.


DjangoCon Europe 2020 Announcement

Last week we let you know that DjangoCon Europe 2020 was going to be in Porto, Portugal. This week wanted you to see their official announcement and let you know that they are looking for volunteers.

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