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Jeff Triplett (he/him) for Django News

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Django News - Issue 6


HTTPX Release

HTTPX is a next-generation HTTP client, likely the successor to the popular requests package. This latest release of HTTPX supports both sync and async and is one step away from a forthcoming 1.0 release.

Django Day Copenhagen 2020 - April 17, 2020

The call for participation is currently out for this one day Django conference.

DjangoCon Europe Early Bird Tickets Now Available

The conference is in Porto, Portugal from May 27-31, featuring 3 days of talks and 2 days of springs.


Advice for new contributors from the Django documentation

There are many ways to contribute to Django itself, especially the documentation. Here is a getting-started guide. If you have any issues, put a question on the Django Forum and you'll get help!

Make Django Tests Always Rebuild the Database if It Exists - Adam Johnson

An elegant quick fix for a common Django issue.

Counting Queries: Basic Performance Testing in Django - Vinta Building Beyond Blog

A nice overview of first-pass performance testing in a Django app.


Django REST Framework Full Course for Beginners

A 2+ hour course on building APIs with Django 3.0.

DjangoCon 2019 - Feeding the Pony: Contributing back to Django & How to make that work for you

Django Fellow Carlton Gibson describes the current state of Django contributions and how/why anyone can become involved.


DjangoChat #46 - Django's Async Future with Tom Christie

Tom is the creator of Django REST Framework, HTTPX, and a whole suite of new async Python web stack packages.



Detect backward incompatible migrations for your Django project

carltongibson/dcus2019sprints: Notes for "Getting started contributing to Django" sprints workshop.

Django Fellow Carlton Gibson's notes for "Getting started contributing to Django" sprints workshop.

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