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Django News - Issue 8


DjangoCon US 2020 Announced

DjangoCon US is returning to San Diego from October 11-17th. More details to come.

Django Day Copenhagen 2020 - Call for Proposals

A one-day Django conference on April 17th, 2020. The call for proposals is now live. Submit before February 2nd!

Announcing CockroachDB for Django ORM

A Django package for using CockroachDB, an open-source distributed database.


Demos, Prototypes, and MVPs

Django co-creator Jacob Kaplan-Moss concisely covers the difference between three commonly misused terms: demos, prototypes, and MVPs.

All You Need To Know About Prefetching in Django

How to use Prefetch to speed up queries in Django

URLs Lead the Way

A detailed look at how Django process URL requests internally.


Django Chat Podcast - GeoDjango with Anna Kiefer

GeoDjango is a powerful built-in contrib module that turns Django into a world-class geographic Web framework.


skorokithakis/django-tokenauth: Django authentication backend that uses tokens sent over email.

Django-tokenauth is a simple, passwordless authentication method based on a one-time token sent over email which does not require user registration.

django-weasyprint: A Django class-based view generating PDF resposes using WeasyPrint

WeasyPrint turns HTML into beautiful PDF pages. This project creates a Django class-based view to generate PDF responses.

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