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Django News - Issue 9


Django security release: 3.0.3, 2.2.10, 1.11.28

This update fixes a potential SQL injection bug in Django. As ever, the safest strategy for security is to stay on the latest release!

Django Riffs, a podcast for learning Django

Announcing Django Riffs, a new podcast aimed at helping beginners learn how to use Django by Matt Layman.


How I'm Testing in 2020

From long-time Django core contributor James Bennett, a deep-dive on modern Python and Django testing techniques.

Common Celery Issues on Django Projects

Celery is an extremely popular task manager. This article is a great overview of common issues you might encounter using it with Django.

Asynchronous tasks in Django with Django Q

A detailed tutorial on using django-q, a popular way to handle async tasks.

Learn Django - The 10 Most-Used Django Packages

A somewhat surprising look at the most popular Django-related packages based on PyPI downloads.


Django Chat Podcast - Growing Old Gracefully as a Programmer

Deep thoughts on how to maintain a career as a programmer.

Django Riffs - Get To Know Django

A new podcast from popular Django teacher Matt Layman.



Django registration and authentication with GraphQL.


"Magic Links" - URLs with authentication tokens for one-click login

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