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Issue 37 - GSOD kicks off, new Python 3.7.9 and 3.6.12, Tailwind CSS v1.7.x, and much more!


GSOD 2020 Project - Django Internals / Mentorship

With Google Season of Docs (GSOD) kicking off, Gabby Precious wants to know if you have any specific challenges with Django's contribution documentation?

Python Insider: Python 3.7.9 and 3.6.12 security updates now available

The lastest security fix rollups for Python 3.7 and Python 3.6 are now available.

Tailwind CSS v1.7.0 (1.7.1, 1.7.2, and 1.7.3)

The Tailwind CSS v1.7.x release adds a bunch of new features ranging from gradients, background-clip, gap, contents display, font-size letter-spacing, and more interesting new features.


DjangoCon Australia 2020: Schedule live and tickets on sale 🎟️

Tickets are on sale and the schedule has been released for the 8th DjangoCon AU.


Running Django Tests in Github Actions

A nice, concise introduction to how to use GitHub Actions as a CI platform for testing your Django code.

A deep dive into the official Docker image for Python Itamar Turner-Trauring

Itamar does an excellent job of deconstructing the official Python image for Docker and gives some sound advice and tips along the way.

Why Internationalization and Localization matters by Nicolle Cysneiros

A practical and concise guide to Internationalization and Localization using Python and Django.

Also check out Nicolle's DjangoCon US 2019 talk, Eita! Why Internationalization and Localization matter

Django Security Tips

Concise overview of security best practices to keep in mind in Django.

Stop Using! by Haki Benita

A deep-dive into the challenges of managing time.

RFNM - Request For New Maintainer by Matt Layman

The lifecycle of creating/maintaining an open source package.

S3 keys are not file paths by Alex Chan

Alex Chan explains why we should treat S3 buckets like an object store instead of a filesystem.

I Love MDN, or the cult of the free in action

Presented without comment.


Async Views in Django 3.1 by Jace Medlin

Django 3.1 adds support for async views, middleware, and tests. If you have been asking yourself, "What does this look like?" then this tutorial is for you.

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Learn beginner to advanced Django

Learn beginner to advanced Django from Daniel "pydanny" Feldroy, co-author of Two Scoops of Django in live, online, interactive classes where students are encouraged to ask questions. Use discount code "django-news" to get 10% off all courses.


Running in Production Podcast 44 - An Internal Employee Management App Focused on Schools

In this episode of Running in Production, Chris Goodwin talks about building a platform with Django to manage 15k+ students and 2.5k+ staff members across 29 locations.


Django Developer - Contract - Part Time, Python Software Foundation

The PSF is looking for a part-time Django Developer for the next nine months to support and

Principal Front End Engineer job at Hangar

Hangar Alpha is hiring a Principal Front End Engineer.


GitHub logo farridav / django-jazzmin

Jazzy theme for Django

Django jazzmin (Jazzy Admin)

Docs PyPI download month PyPI version Python versions Django Versions Coverage Status

Drop-in theme for django admin, that utilises AdminLTE 3 & Bootstrap 4 to make yo' admin look jazzy


pip install django-jazzmin


See Documentation or Test App


Live demo


Password: test

Note: Data resets nightly


  • Drop-in admin skin, all configuration optional
  • Customisable side menu
  • Customisable top menu
  • Customisable user menu
  • 4 different Change form templates (horizontal tabs, vertical tabs, carousel, collapsible)
  • Bootstrap 4 modal (instead of the old popup window, optional)
  • Search bar for any given model admin
  • Customisable UI (via Live UI changes, or custom CSS/JS)
  • Responsive
  • Select2 drop-downs
  • Bootstrap 4 & AdminLTE UI components
  • Using the latest adminlte + bootstrap




List view

table list

Change form templates

Collapsed side menu

form page

Expanded side menu


Horizontal tabs

Horizontal tabs

Vertical tabs

Vertical tabs





Related modal

Related modal

History page

form page

Login view


UI Customiser


Mobile layout


Tablet layout


Admin Docs (if installed)



GitHub logo maykinmedia / django-admin-index

Change the Django admin index page without too much hassle or visual changes.

Admin Index for Django

Version: 2.0.2
Keywords: django, admin, dashboard

Build status Code quality checks black coverage BSD License Supported Python versions Supported Django versions pypi-version


This extension enables you to group, order and customize the Django admin index page without too much hassle or visual changes.

There are 2 concepts: Application groups and Application links. You can create an application group and add any model to it in the Django admin, under Admin index. Whether the models are shown to the user, depends on the regular Django permissions and whether it's registered in the admin.

An application link is simply a URL with a name that you can add to an application group. It shows as a regular Django model.

One final change in the Django admin is the removal of the App lists, that link to a list of models within an App. This concept became obsolete.

Ordered dashboard with dropdown menu. Manage Application groups. Configure application groups and add Application links.


You can install django_admin_index either via the Python Package Index…

GitHub logo jimfunk / django-postgresql-netfields

Proper INET and CIDR fields for Django running on PostgreSQL

Django PostgreSQL Netfields

This project is an attempt at making proper PostgreSQL net related fields for Django. In Django pre 1.4 the built in IPAddressField does not support IPv6 and uses an inefficient HOST() cast in all lookups. As of 1.4 you can use GenericIPAddressField for IPv6, but the casting problem remains.

In addition to the basic IPAddressField replacement, InetAddressField a CidrAddressField a MACAddressField, and a MACAddress8Field have been added. This library also provides a manager that allows for advanced IP based lookups directly in the ORM.

In Python, the values of the IP address fields are represented as types from the ipaddress module. In Python 2.x, a backport is used. The MAC address fields are represented as EUI types from the netaddr module.


This module requires Django >= 1.11, psycopg2, and netaddr.


$ pip install django-netfields
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Getting started

Make sure netfields is…

GitHub logo fabiocaccamo / django-admin-interface

🦸 ⚡ django's default admin interface with superpowers - customizable themes, popup windows replaced by modals and many other features.


django-admin-interface is a modern responsive flat admin interface customizable by the admin itself.



  • Beautiful default django-theme
  • Themes management and customization (you can customize admin title, logo and colors)
  • Responsive
  • Related modal (instead of the old popup window)
  • Environment name/marker
  • Language chooser
  • Foldable apps (accordions in the navigation bar)
  • Collapsible fieldsets can have their initial state expanded instead of collapsed
  • NEW Tabbed fieldsets and inlines
  • NEW List filter removal links
  • NEW List filter highlight selected options
  • List filter dropdown
  • List filter sticky
  • Form controls sticky (pagination and save/delete buttons)
  • Compatibility / style optimizations for
    • django-ckeditor
    • django-dynamic-raw-id
    • django-json-widget
    • django-modeltranslation
    • django-rangefilter
    • django-streamfield
    • django-tabbed-admin
    • sorl-thumbnail
  • Translated in many languages: de, es, fa, fr, it, pl, pt_BR, tr


  • Run pip install django-admin-interface
  • Add admin_interface and colorfield to settings.INSTALLED_APPS before django.contrib.admin

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Shameless Plugs

All three books in the series--Django for Beginners, Django for APIs, and Django for Professionals--have been updated to Django 3.1.

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