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JavaScript Should Be Your Last Resort

Hi. I would a link to your book mentioned in the comments. I ...

Style your next blog with vanilla HTML. No CSS. 😵

Yeah definitely a throwback and refreshing. Good job!

Throwback TV Show Zoom Backdrops That Are Guaranteed To Improve Your Workday

This kicks!

Your code should tell a story: Tips for writing code for others to read

Thanks for the read. Very informative.

Create a Reading Scroll Progress Bar for Your Blog in JavaScript and CSS

Good job. I like this!

Coronavirus tracking website made with Vue and Node

Yes this is excellent! This is inspiring. Great job.

What was your win this week?

This week, I contributed to a work group revamping a traffi...

I work as a developer, run a bar and an escape room — all at the same time

Thanks for sharing. Good story.

What is your Favorite Browser?

I use Brave and Firefox at home and Chrome at work. I love ...

First impression of Indigo Studio. The best way to bring UX to your application!!

Glad I found this article. I have joined a new project wher...

Survey Form for Free Code Camp Responsive Web Design Certificate

Inspiring read. Thanks!

My 1 Year Coding Anniversary: From Video Tutorials to Software Engineer

Man that was an inspiring story! Thanks. Always glad to hea...

Creating Blog site using Stackbit, GatsbyJS and DEV -1

Good article. I enjoyed it. I learned a few things. Thanks!

Our favourite Spotify Playlist for Coding

Thanks! I am checking it out now!

Paid internships

thanks for letting me know. It really depends on the compan...

How many of you work better in the evening versus the morning?

Yep this guy too!

How many of you work better in the evening versus the morning?

Yeah me too.

How many of you work better in the evening versus the morning?

Great me too!

Why I Love The Podcast

Yeah kicks butt! Great to listen to Wes and Scott...

Never Too Late to Learn: My (meandering) path to a career in software engineering

Yes great story. Definitely compelling to keep moving forwa...

Chuck Norris Random Facts

Love this!

Fixing Burnout: an unproductive cycle that will hold you back

Matt great read. I am going through this currently. Not nec...

Scan Your Network for Vulnerabilities With Nmap

I remember learning the basics of Nmap when I was in school...

A Practical Guide to Finding a Tech Job with Relocation to Europe

Wow, this is a great read. This makes me want to travel, wo...

Taiwan & Hong Kong Need Our Help

Superb post!

Cannabis arrests vs. African-American population rates

Very interesting. Thanks for this pen.

A generalist is born when a specialist becomes bored

Daniel great read. In other times, the generalist would be ...

Roadmap for Frontend Developer

I like Gatsby also and I found the documentation easy to fo...

Who/what should I follow on Instagram for web-dev?

I enjoy @realtoughcandy . Great advice for one an all! Shou...

A CEO's #1 Tip On How Stand Out As A New Full-Stack Developer in A Competitive Market ⚡

Matthew great read! MY best tech skill is CSS.

I just did my first guest podcast and I'm giving away a free study course for AWS Certification!

Matthew great read! MY best tech skill is CSS.

I'm a senior developer and I regularly google "html image tag"

So true

CSS Cheat Sheets!

Great listen! Learned a few things.

10 Great Programming Projects to Improve Your Resume and Learn to Program

Excellent post!

Part 1: Planning the NGO's Amman Imman's Webpage Re-Design

Good job

8 Habits For Beginning and Mid Level JavaScript Developers That Sabotage Your Future

Good tips.

The Definitive List of Things I Don't Know

Yes this was great read! I have so many of the same thought...

HTML can do that?

This is a great post definitely. Thanks for all of the info...

What Job Would you Want To Be Doing if You Weren’t Coding?

Probably DJing and collecting music.

Did you transition to tech from another career?

Well yeah I am in that process now. My work background real...

What I Learned from my First Tech Conference

Yes there is a ton to do in the area.

What I Learned from my First Tech Conference

As a developer in the Seattle area, you pretty much nailed ...

3 Tips for new developers

Good job.

Honey, I Type Checked The Children

Thanks for this information.

Introduction to computer forensics

Yep good start to this topic. This is what I studied in sch...

Episode 113 - DJ to Developer

Thanks for this podcast! I can relate to Paddy. I DJ on th...

What was your win this week?

This week, my computer science degree!!!!

10 HTML Elements You Didn't Know You Needed

What a great read. Will definitely try out and use these e...

I’ve done the courses, tutorials, videos. Where do I go from here to get hired?

Thank you for this article. I am at this point and I am fe...

State of Markdown Editors 2019

Great read. I have been looking over markdown stuff over t...

What Type of Music Do You Listen to While Coding?

Listen to lo-fi or old school hip hop. Also some classical...

Turn any Google sheet into a REST API

Yeah pretty neat tool. Tried it out very impressed. Thank...

Getting a Tech Job with No Experience

Good article. I am finishing up school (yay! 1 month left)...