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Building PWA application using Vaadin framework

This is an initial post of upcoming tutorial series that should serve as my personal reflection on building PWA application using Vaadin framework. I'm using Vaadin for 5 years now since its version 7. My current systems are built using Vaadin 8 as migration to current version(Vaadin 13 is available now) is not quite simple for a complex code base. I have a several CRM and DMS like systems built and running in production using Vaadin 8 with quite success. Its very stable environment, contains very intuitive API and one can create very complex web applications with almost no JavaScript being used. Resulting application codebase is very comprehensive and lives in Java only. Best for fullstack developer.

My development environment is based mainly on Spring Boot and its excelent Vaddin integration. This allows me to use quite large tool infrastructure Spring Boot is surrounded with.

My primary idea is to create PWA application using latest Vaadin 13 version that can be used as a counterpart for other existing CRM / DMS systems I run. This will cover several topics I have to deal with in some way. And this series is a way how to document this process.

Steps supposed for building the application (subject to change)

  • preparing the stack - what we are going to use actually?
  • create app skeleton
  • create basic application UI structure
  • going live for the first time - life behind SSL
  • display data using app-layout addon
  • create dummy backend simulating external system
  • adding authentication
  • going offline
  • ... next to come

A GitLab repository with codebase used in this series is located here.

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