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Discussion on: Using JavaScript Promises for Non-Async Control Flow?

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Donald Merand Author

That's good news that JS is getting a pipeline operator! I'm occasional enough with my JS coding that I prefer to skip using build environments like Babel if I can, but it'll be awesome when that feature gets wider browser support.

I haven't watched the video, but in DuckDuckGo'ing JS composition of course it makes sense - you just manually curry your functions. I've been spoiled by languages that do that for me :)

I still like the part where promises let me pass errors through + deal with them at the end... I wonder about a good composable way to do that...

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Nick Taylor (he/him) • Edited

I haven't done much RxJS, but that's probably a good use case for piping. See RxJS 5.5, piping all the things.