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Ooh, movement in the KeePass world - I might move across from KeePass2 myself :)


I was really happy when it came out! I'd had to buy MacPass to get a good kdbx-compatible password manager on OSX (nothing against it as a product but I prefer open source), and the less said about dealing with the Mono version on Linux the better.

Amusingly I use the mono version on Linux the most, then KeePassDroid on my phone. I even re-wrote Andrew Schofield's excellent HIBP plugin in so it would work on Linux/mono despite that not having TLS1.2+ support :)


I use KeePassXC too, with it's browser plugin. And KeePass2Android on mobile. And very happy with that couple!


I love KeyPass2Android, glad I switched from KeePassDroid which just lagged behind feature-wise.

KeePass has a nice chrome extension too, though initial setup is a minor pain.

Which one do you use? I was using CKP - KeePass integration for Chrome, but it doesn't work since I started to use KeepassXC instead of the original (and mono-built) keepass

I use chromeIPass with the original Keepass app. I hadn't heard of KeepassXC before but it seems to be popular on here so maybe I should give it a go

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