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re: Has Stack Overflow Become An Antipattern? VIEW POST


The dupe-flagging triage is a joke. Probably most of the questions I see are explicitly not dupes, but whoever flagged them simply hasn't read the question properly. Yes, it's tempting to scan a question and say "I know what they mean...dupe" but unless they are actually using a bot to do the triage, they really need to pull back on the knee-jerk.


Are you sure they're using a bot? I did dupe-flag triage for quite a long time, and there are carefully crafted false positive tests in place to trick bots and ensure reviewers are paying attention. If anything, those false positive tests are a little too overzealous, as every week, at least one reviewer would post on Meta about being incorrectly locked out.


No, I said "unless they are actually using a bot" — I have no idea if they are or not. But almost every day I would see a question marked DUP and when I followed the link, it wasn't a duplicate at all, but a question about a different aspect of the same problem that would not be answered by the linked question.

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