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So this week will be light on links, mainly because next week won’t be. This week is Microsoft Build, and this year it is an entirely virtual conference. So enjoy,, and next weekend is Memorial Day in the United States, which is the start of summer.

I hope everyone is still doing ok with the new normal, and finding ways to have fun and relax. For my family, we’ve taken to doing more gaming as a family, and its been an absolute blast. And additionally my normal DnD group, which met monthly, is now meeting weekly via video conference. So right now its led to some really amazing stories and fun, and been something we all look forward to. If you’ve never tried TTRPGs, now is a great time to do so:

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Down to business…

Fun Stuff

As I mentioned one of the things, my family and I have really gotten into is gaming as something to keep things interesting in this crazy new world. And one of our favorite has been Dungeon Mayhem, if you have kids this is a super easy game to learn and play, and my 5-year-old, and 7-year-old love it.

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