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I'm Dominic, and this is how I will support women devs.

How I will advocate for gender equality

There are two strands to my vision for supporting gender equality in tech:

Building inclusive communities

We need to build, and grow, communities that can support women in tech. Communities are an important part of people's professional development, whether for learning skills, accessing opportunities or gaining a feeling of belonging. Sadly, there appears to be a lot of tech communities out there that are unwelcoming or actively hostile to women in tech. There are also many communities that are supportive to women in tech. I want to see the inclusive, supportive, communities grow to encompass the majority of the tech community as a whole. I hope that this will cause the misogyny and harassment that appears to be tolerated in parts of tech to become socially unacceptable across 99% of the tech world.
I will work to build and foster inclusive communities that can support women in tech.

Supporting companies with woman founders and/or good gender balance in their development teams

I believe we all have the power to help shape the world through the decisions we make all the time about what to buy, what services to use, which tool to use for a job, etc. Ultimately the direction of the world is determined by the sum total of the decisions we all make.
I will do my best to support women in tech through my decisions about the services I use.


I believe if enough people do these things, it is within our reach to build a tech industry that looks very different from today's, where the values that support gender inequality (and other inclusivity objectives) are found in all the dominant companies and communities.
I will do what is within my power to get us there, and I hope you will too.

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Thank you for your efforts Dominic 😊