Testing in React

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Looking for anyone interested in lending me their time to answer some questions I have surrounding testing React applications. I've spent some time diving into testing, it's fundamentals, and other resources surrounding testing React.

I'm building a small application for a meetup I'm hosting and would love to talk to someone who is currently writing tests with Jest & react-testing-library.

Appreciate it!!

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I don't have any experience with react-testing-library (used enzyme instead), but I can try and help out


if u want to test e2e testing react app, maybe u can try cypress (cypress.io)

“End to End Testing React Apps With Cypress” by Rajat S link.medium.com/qMytnX6vlS


Are you using any third party state management? I'm testing a fairly large app with jest and the seems to make a bit more difficult. Are doing unit,e2e ...?

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