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Thank you for sharing your questions, and especially your explanations to them. They are really insightful and will definitely help me for my next job interviews.

I've actually started a list of interview questions for software developers on Github.

It is a new project, and I hope that, with the help of the community, it will, one day, become a comprehensive list, to help developers find the jobs they want.

With you permission, I'd very much like to include your questions too.
I've already done it locally, but will wait to push it to Github until you say its ok.

Thanks again for that awesome article!


Hi Dominik,
Nice! In this article I tried to create such a comprehensive list as well. Nice to see many people thinking about the best questions helping to pick the best jobs.
I'd be happy if you tagged me somewhere there. A link to this article will do, for example.
Thank you!


Awesome, thanks! :)

I've created a section "Contributions", where I linked to your Twitter profile and this article.

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