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Discussion on: Monorepos: Lerna, TypeScript, CRA and Storybook combined

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Patrik Keinonen

Hi @shnyder

I'd like to leverage intellisense with TypeScript and VS Code. With the current, it's building, but VS Code does not find the reference to the shared components.

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shnyder Author

did you build your most recent code as a library? When you run "yarn start" in the CRA-project it will look into your node_modules folder for a library build. There should be a symlink to your ui-lib-project folder, but the package.json of the UI-lib only tells the "outside world" where to find the main javascript and typescript-files that you've built, not the content of its /src-folder:
"main": "./lib/index.js",
"module": "./lib-esm/index.js",
"types": "./lib/index.d.ts",