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Discussion on: Fix Text Overlap with CSS white-space

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Christian Baer

But before you go all git blame 😅, let's assume positive intent.

I always assume positive intent. Nevertheless if I do not understand something git blame is one of the handiest tools there is. It tells me who to ask. The naming is awful, though. It has nothing to do with blaming a person for a mistake, but is rather a 'show me who is responsible'. I know people who have/had a git alias for blame and called it praise.

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Samantha Ming Author

Yes! I remember when I first learned of that, I was super confused. Until I got clarification that it's used so I can reach out to the author and get understanding. Thank you for pointing that out! I definitely did not intend to worsen the misunderstanding of that git command, bad joke 😓 Let me add your comment into the code notes, I like your interpretation of that command 👏