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Debugging Multiple .NET Core Projects in VS Code


Originally written up in a GitHub repo while helping out another developer, this blog post explains how you can debug multiple .NET Core projects in Visual Studio Code.

To download the sample code, clone the following GitHub repository:

Opening VS Code

Launch VS Code with the project root as the current working directory. One easy way to do this is to type the word “code” followed by a dot “.” at a Command Prompt, Powershell window or Windows Terminal.

Powershell/Terminal Command:

code .

Powershell Command

If you already have VS Code open, use the built-in Terminal (Ctrl+`) to change the current directory to the project root.

In either case, you should end up with VS Code open with the Terminal open in the correction location (project root).

VS Code with Terminal panel

Launch Configuration

This project contains launch.json configuration for a .NET Core console project and a Web API projet.

Web API Launch Config
Web API Launch Configuration

Console Project Launch Config
Console Project Launch Configuration

Debug Panel

In the Debug Panel of VS Code, observe that you can see both configurations, ready for launch.

Web API in Debug Panel
Web API in Debug Panel

Console Project in Debug Panel
Console Project in Debug Panel

Setting Breakpoints

In the code for each project, set a breakpoint that’s easy to identify.

Breakpoint in Web API project
Inside Get() method within WeatherForecastController.cs in Web API project

Breakpoint in Console project
Console.WriteLine in Console project

Debugging with Breakpoints

From the aforementioned Debug Panel, run the Web API project and then the Console project by clicking the Play/Debug button for each launch configuration.

Note : when the web browser launches at the root of the website, you may browse to the WeatherForecast Controller manually, e.g. https://localhost:5001/WeatherForecast

You should see each program pause at the breakpoints you set earlier.

Breakpoint in Web API project
Breakpoint in Web API project

Breakpoint in Console project
Breakpoint in Console project

Continue Running

Press the Play/Continue button to continue running while debugging. Observe the output in a web browser (for the Web API project) or the Terminal within VS Code (for the Web API project)

Output in Web API project
Output in Web API project

Output in Console project
Output in Console project

Optional: Run Multiple Projects

As a bonus, I have added a Compounds section to the launch.json file.

    "compounds": [
            "name": "Both Console & Web API",
            "configurations": [
                ".NET Core Launch (console)",
                ".NET Core Launch (web)"

This will allow you to launch both the Console app (in the Terminal) and the Web API app (in a browser) in rapid succession, with 1 click.

Debugging multiple projects
Debugging multiple projects

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