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Learn web development using .NET and Visual Studio

Have you ever wanted to try out web development with .NET, but are not sure where to get started?

The .NET team at Microsoft is excited to announce our new Web Learning series! Let us take you through the basics of web development with .NET by building some awesome projects with C#, Razor Pages, Blazor, and more! In this free, 6-part series, we will teach you something new every week and get you up to speed with the wonderful world of web development with .NET.

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Sign up for the series here!

What to expect

In this series of emails, we’ll go over the following topics:

  • Week 1 – This welcome email!
  • Week 2 – C# for web development crash course
  • Week 3 – We'll build our first pizza website with Razor Pages 🍕
  • Week 4 – Upgrade our pizza website with a backend using Minimal APIs
  • Week 5 – Create a Connect 4 Interactive Web Applications with Blazor
  • Week 6 – Connect to the cloud by publishing with Azure

Sneak Peak

You can also get a sneak peak at the content by checking out our GitHub Repository.

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Bhavesh Ramburn

already subscribed mate, I watch it when I can