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It was due to a lack of support from immidate management, overwork (I ended up taking on enough work to keep three employees busy full time), and under pay.

I left without a plan, because I was unhappy and incredibly stressed. Those around me noticed an immidate upswing in my mood, the day that I handed my notice in. I was even told that I was my old self again, by the time that my notice period had ended.

Finding a new gig to move to was a piece of cake, as it's an employees market, not an employers one (i.e there is a huge demand for tech workers who can prove that they have the skills), and I had my pick of about 5 possible roles.

I feel incredibly privileged to be in a position, and a market, which allowed me the opportunity to walk away and take care of my own mental health. Where I not a developer, I don't think I'd have been able to do that so easily.

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