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I've always loved working with the canvas element. Back when I still wanted to be a games developer, it seemed like the quickest watly to make an (almost, because it was a few years ago) browser agnostic HTML5 game without having to rely on this party adons and plugins.

I even ended up writing a super simple game (which I called "Run Away") using it and vanilla javascript. I don't think that I have it hosted anywhere right now (I might fling it up on Netlify tonight), but the source code is available at my github. I'd love to see what folks think of it.


And it's live. You can now play the game over at Netlify.

One thing to note: it has support for touch (on mobile and tablets), but it doesn't use it. So you'll need to use a physical keyboard to play it.

tl;dr: run away from the scary monster. The further you run, the more fatigued you'll get. The longer you last, the hungrier (and faster) the monster gets.

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