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re: How'd you get into Android development, and what'd you do before that?

I worked at AT&T for many years, so I have been working in mobile since EDGE was fast, and we all coded in wml to make simple WAP sites for Nokia candy bar phones :) Once the iPhone came out - the walled gardens of the carriers came down. I was drawn into Android, and have been doing that and mobile web ever since.

Before I got into mobile, I received a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry - where I studied really fast reactions, and how to make them even faster.


Whoa, that's pretty cool! Would love to hear any stories or cool chemical reactions you saw.

My research was pretty tame from that perspective.. Everything was air/water sensitive - but it didn't blow up, it just fell apart and I had to star over again :)

The reactions were so fast, I had to col them down to -80 C to watch them .. so lots of dry ice - it looked like Halloween sometimes in my lab.

I got to work in a machine shop building instrumentation (electronics and code as well), which was a lot of fun.

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