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Discussion on: Anatomy of test automation

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Benjamin Dowen Author

I was contrasting system integration testing, that I consider End to End testing to be part of, with what I would call partial automation, or using tools and code to assist Exploratory Testing.

I admit I casualty threw the term End to End in there without any discussion. Really it's a whole topic or its own.

I discussed End to End Testing over at The Club:

And this is a summary of what I found out:

  • End to end testing is typically a system test that follows a user or data journey through the system
  • The scope of the test highly depends on the system under test
  • There will be a vast number of possible paths through the system
  • Judicious selection of as few critical paths as possible is important to avoid high maintenance cost
  • Where possible it is preferable to have multiple smaller tests that cover sub systems and system integration over more E2E tests
  • Context is king and no one size fits all definition of E2E testing covers all usages