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Account middleware in Ruby On Rails

If you want to identify each request to your Rails application with specific account, you don't have to change your routes.rb

Instead, you can use Custom Middleware to implement this option.

First, let's use ActiveSupport::CurrentAttributes. It will simplify the per-request attributes access.

# app/models/current.rb
class Current < ActiveSupport::CurrentAttributes
  attribute :account
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This is our AccountMiddlreware that will identify an Account by the id, and update the request path accordingly.

# lib/acount_middleware.rb

class AccountMiddleware
  def initialize(app)
    @app = app

  def call(env)
    request = env
    _, account_id, request_path = request.path.split('/', 3)

    if account_id =~ /\d+/
      if account = Account.find_by(id: account_id)
        Current.account = account
        return [302, { "Location" => "/" }, []]

      request.script_name  = "/#{account_id}"
      request.path_info    = "/#{request_path}"
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request.script_name is required to overwrite other links on the page. Otherwise, the new link will be: /projects/new
w/o the account_id.

Add the middleware to your application and restart your Rails server.

# config/application.rb

require_relative '../lib/account_middleware'

class Application < Rails::Application
  # ...

  config.middleware.use AccountMiddleware
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Happy Hacking!

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