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Best .NET Posts This Week: 6th December 2020

Here are some of the best .NET, C# and ASP NET posts from this week.

This Weeks Articles

C# 9 Records as DDD Value Objects

By Vladimir Khorikov

Today, we’ll talk about the new C# 9 feature, Records, and whether or not they can be used as DDD value objects.

No-nonsense gRPC guide for the C# developers, Part One: Basic Service

By Lech Gudalewicz

gRPC is a high performance program-to-program communication framework highly suitable to efficiently connect services and, as such, to serve as the foundation for the micro-service architecture

Fluent Generics in C#

By Alexey Golub

Generics is a powerful feature available in many statically typed languages. It offers a way to write code that seamlessly operates against many different types, by targeting the features they share rather than the types themselves. This provides the means for building flexible and reusable components without having to sacrifice type safety or introduce unnecessary duplication.

Exploring the async/await State Machine – The Awaitable Pattern

By Vasil Kosturski

If you’re a C# developer, chances are you see the async/await keywords everywhere an IO operation is involved. Introduced in C# 5, async/await made the way to write asynchronous code remarkably simple. It very much fulfills its promise – developers can write async code in almost the same way they write synchronous one. I find this simplicity fascinating. Asynchronous execution is something complex in its’ nature. There are all sorts of trickeries related to scheduling continuations, transferring execution contexts, handling exceptions, and whatnot. This complexity doesn’t just go away with the introduction of async/await. Instead, it’s moved behind some abstraction layer implemented in the C# compiler.

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