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Importance of Website Designing

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Putting aside all the other SEO considerations (which are evenly important), we can examine how CONTENT specifically (text, images, videos & layout) influences your SEO. It can be summed up like this: Poor design is bad for SEO. Period. 
In today's time of digital marketing, the design of your website plays a very crucial role. User experience has grown a key factor for search engine ranking. The design & the quality of your website will determine how users can interact with your website and it immediately affects your site ranking in the search results. Website design & its performance on the search engine are linked intrinsically. So, the websites that are created without keeping the factor of SEO in mind can cause ranking issues under the line. 
Navigation: Smooth navigation is essential for a good website design. Without proper navigation, websites can look very unorganized & unstructured. It makes it simple for readers to figure out how your website works. It also helps in providing quick answers to your viewer's search.
It should be simple to understand & good navigation is very important in tracing the website above on search engines. It allows your visitors to search on your website with ease. It is more than just a menu bar. So, easy-to-follow navigation will increase the quality of your website as it does not give the visitor get lost along the way.
It is also known as 'mobile responsive web design' that involves the website design that will return to any device or display, be it your smartphone or tablet. Your website needs are mobile-friendly which means the functioning and look of your website should be high on mobile devices as well.
Smart Use of Graphics
Though you should desist from overuse of graphics, smart use of graphics is very helpful. Use informational graphics also recognized as "infographics". This helps any of the advanced search engines to detect keywords mentioned in your graphic. Mingle this graphic with some interesting content in points, which will not simply make it attractive and informational but will also make your website the desired attention from search engines.
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