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Ohhhhh. It's been a while. Rhum 2.1.0.rc-1 tho. It's Node compatible btw!

Back in April we wrote about the Rhum v2 release. Since then, we've been working on some pretty cool updates! One of them being the "Spy" test double. The bigger one being Node compatibility!

Now that Rhum is dependency free, you can use Rhum in Deno, Node, Bun (cause it's a thing now), and (for whatever reason) the browser. As always, we got your back with full documentation (see it at -- showing you how to use the test doubles and their definitions. Example code blocks were improved to include Deno, Node - TypeScript (ESM syntax), Node - JavaScript (ESM syntax), and Node - CommonJS.

The Spy/Node stuff is still in release candidate mode. We don't expect to introduce breaking changes, but if any issues surface or any issues are posted on Rhum's repo, then we might have to think things through. Other than that, enjoy the Spy test double and using Rhum in Node :). Here's some convenience commands for you:

yarn add --dev @drashland/rhum
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npm install --save-dev @drashland/rhum
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Rhum v2.x Full Documentation

GitHub Release

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